your next gmail!

Your next Gmail Account will be powered by the robust technologies of the Blockchain so as to protect both of your business and identity against online impersonation and identity thefts.

for corporate for individual


authentication, authorization, and onboarding

Incorporated in the United Kingdom with a Reg. No.: 10826021, a Business Intelligence Company that leverages Artificial Intelligence [AI] combined with the robust technologies of the Blockchain to help internet businesses, online communities, and small, medium to large financial services companies solve problems such as user authentication, authorization, and onboarding.


for corporate

Replace your OAuth 2.0 Protocol with the Truztar's OAuth 3.0, an Open Authentication and Authorization KEY that lets you streamline your customer onboarding process.



some of the features that come with your account

KEY dashboard

helps you manage all your account activities
This is where you manage, measure, and track the onboarding processes and performances of your users and customers to see where you need to improve.

company portal

helps you improve your team and client relationships
This is where you manage the relationships between you and your team. You can add as many team members as you want and collaborate with them within your Inbox!

custom wallet

manage your spendings and ZTAR transactions
You've got a custom digital wallet where you can easily manage and control your spendings. You can send, spend, transfer, buy, and sell ZTAR right within your wallet.


value propositions align with your core business metrics

More Customers

Acquire Real Customers

You don't just acquire new customers or onboard new or existing ones. The goal of every For-Profit businesses is to acquire as many users or customers. Truztar ensures that you acquire the right [Verified-Ready] customers who are who they claim they are during their onboarding process.

New Market

Discover Emerging Markets

Considering the projected number of Truztar account holders in the next few years or so, this is an opportunity for you to channel your products or brand within the Truztar community and network in general. This also serves as a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Overhead Costs

Reduce Overhead Costs

You don't pay a fixed monthly subscription fee because Truztar offers you a flexible PostPaid revenue model that allows you not just to pay for what is being used in the previous month but to also let you fully customize your needs based on your customer base and monthly active users.

for individual

Replace your Gmail, Yahoomail, and Hotmail with INBOX by Truztar! You've got an absolute control of your data. INBOX comes with a KEY that prevents you against identity thefts.



some of the features that come with your account

mail client

we replace your traditional email account with a private client
With your Private Client, you can provide your documents to a third party [corporate or individual], and you can control, deny, ignore or rebuke access to your documents.

private inbox

right, you receive email messages but not from jerks
You can control what kind of content you'd like to see in your INBOX. You can also control if or not to receive messages from non-verified senders with a Non-Truztar Account.


the wallet that gives you access to the Truztar Ecosystem
With your custom Digital [ZTAR] Wallet, you can send, receive, spend, transfer, withdraw, buy, and sell ZTAR Tokens whenever and however you want with no hassles attached.


some of the individual benefits you get

20% Pool

Early Backer's Pool

Truztar has projected to distribute upto 20% of the token allocation to early backers who are also Truztar Account Holders. These tokens will be distributed in form of airdrop which is a way of rewarding the community for their early adoption of the Truztar's Project.

Name Reserve

Your Name's Guaranteed!

Remember the last time you tried to create a Gmail, Account and you were told your name has been taken? Truztar ensures our name will always be available because your INBOX in being encrypted with the speech, facial and biometric you provided during account creation.

50% Bonus

Early Backer's Bonus

When you contribute to the Truztar's [ZTAR] Token Sale, you get a token bonus from 0% down to 50% discounts based on some certain criteria such as when you contribute. All token bonuses will be distributed at a date to be announced on the Truztar's Telegram channel.

token sale

Perhaps you care for a streamlined customer authentication OR care about your business and identity against impersonators, you might want to be in our Token Sale Whitelist.


token sale

be the first to join our token sale whitelist

token structure

how we've structured our token sale
The dates for both the private placement and public sale and also the token standard are subject to change, but any changes of such will be announced on our Telegram Channel.

token circulation

how we've projected tokens to be sold and reserved
The above chart depicts the breakdown of how we intend to allocate and distribute the tokens to be sold and reserved during and after the token sale.

token distribution

how we've proposed to use the funds raised from the tokens to be sold
We intend to use the seventy [70%] which represents a sum of 28,000,000 ZTAR or $14,000,000 USD or [if ETH is 1ETH = $500USD] 28,000ETH of the tokens in supply.

token allocation

how we've proposed to use the tokens not to be sold
We intend to use the thirty [30%] which represents a sum of 12,000,000 ZTAR or $6,000,000 USD or [if ETH is 1ETH = $500USD] 12,000ETH of the tokens in supply.

project roadmap

how we've structured our project roadmap
We’ve got flexible timeline that makes our project roadmap a useful tool for us to managing stakeholder expectations, as well as for communicating plans.

token airdrop

Join our Email Client Whitelist and reserve your name to get our Native [ ZTAR ] Token right in your wallet. We currently accept either the WavesPlatform, Ether or Stellar Wallet.

get involved now

get 120 ztar

be the first to join our email client whitelist
claim your tokens

airdrop structure

how we've structured our airdrop distribution
After joining our Whitelist, you'll need to also join our Telegram Group to stay updated on when and how the airdrop will be distributed. You can Join Our Telegram Group Here.

team & advisors

Laja & Banjo are brothers, digital nomads, product designers who started from building web pages in FrontPage to core product architecture, design, development, and management.


Laja De Koya

Data Scientist

Laja comes from a very solid data security background. While in college, he studied Data Science and Cybersecurity. He started his early career in 2011 as a Data Analyst prior moving into cybersecurity. He’s responsible for implementing data mining and statistical machine learning solutions to various business problems such as sales lead scoring, supply chain optimization, and demand forecasting.

He’s accounted for turning BIG data into business solutions and retargeting marketing.

Banjo De Koya

Product Manager

Wanted to be an Architect as a kid because of his unconventional love for design. He studied Product Design and Management in College. He began his career as a Product Designer with United Bank for Africa where he worked on various FinTech products for end-users. With over a decade hands-on experience, his core expertise is horizontal product design, development, and management.

He’s responsible for overall product architecture, design, development, and management.

Felix Fant

Software Engineer

Felix is a Michigan native but raised in Eastern North Carolina. He went to school at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte where he majored in Computer Science. He graduated in 2013, started his career as a Software Developer but shifted to the engineering phase and has been working since then as a Software Engineer. His areas of focus include but not limited to PHP, Perl, Java, and NodeJs.

He’s accounted for turning user interfaces into working and functioning products.

Jose Emmanuel

Community Manager

Jose is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast who's been in the industry for 4 years. With knowledge regarding the technology and the economics of cryptocurrencies, he manages communities that base themselves on projects that use blockchains and cryptocurrencies. He's managed a number of projects that made use of his services for engagement, traction, and prevention of scammers and false information.

He’s responsible for community management, support, and engagement.

Raghu Bala

Artificial Intelligence Advisor

CEO, NetObjex Inc based in Southern California. Formerly with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with 3 successful startup exits. Wharton MBA in Finance, MS in Computer Science from RPI, Ex-Columbia University Adjunct Lecturer, published author and major conferences including IoT Congress, Google IO, and more. Current focus areas: Decentralized computing, Distributed ledgers, IoT, Cryptocurrencies.

Helping us on various technical areas including Artificial Intelligence related issues.

Dr. Liora Katzenstein

Strategic Advisor

Prof. Katzenstein serves as Chairperson of Ortus Venture Capital. She obtained her education in the USA MALD in Law and Diplomacy from Tufts University, Boston and a Visiting Doctoral Scholarship at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration-, and in Switzerland – a Ph.D. in International Economics from the Graduate Institute of International Studies at the University of Geneva.

Helping us with various business development strategies and strategic alliances.

Artem Marinov

Blockchain Advisor

A Scala / Java Developer and Architect with deep understanding and broad experience of building high load scalable services that process big amount of data. He's a fast learner, problem solver, patient, and loves to share his experience with teammates, and also acquire new experience for myself. He understands the upside and downsides of using tests, Scrum, Jira, Confluence, CI.

Helping us with a broad knowledge of core Blockchain integration and use cases.